How I made a photo backdrop stand.


Sometimes when I photographing a recipe, I want a nice backdrop rather than the kitchen counter or dining room table.  I can put down a cloth, but I really don’t have a way to hold the cloth up.  Or I should say that I didn’t until today when I made one out of some PVC pipe that I had lying around.

Here’s what I did.


The PVC pipe was left over from another project.  I went out and bought 2 Ts and 2 elbows.  I made sure they were slip-fit parts (that is important.)


I had enough PVC to cut 3 pieces at 24 inches, 2 pieces at 4 inches and 2 pieces at 7 1/2 inches.  This makes a pretty good sized stand.  It will certainly be tall enough for any food project and would even work for some crafts.


The T fittings make the legs and the elbows are on the top bar.  I didn’t glue anything so that I can break it down when I’m finished for storage.

100_1790 (2)

Here it is all assembled — the refrigerator in the back is a great example of what this thing can hide!


Draped and ready for a close-up!  I was looking for a good sized cloth to use and came up with this Pashmina stole.  Talk about a multi-tasker….


OK — I should have ironed the stole, but you get a sense of how well this is going to work.  Now I’m going to break it apart and put it away.   I have plenty of stoles and table cloths that I can drape over the stand to give me a variety of backdrops.  I expect that this is going to get a lot of use!




All photographs are my own.

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