Saturday Farmer’s Market


I knew that there was a Farmer’s Market not far from home but I had never gotten over there until this past Saturday.


It’s not large but there are a good variety of produce from a variety of vendors.  As a certified Farmer’s Market, all of the vendors are the growers as well.  We’ve had hot weather for the past few weeks so the crops are early this year.


Squash that is freshly picked is so much better than squash that is trucked several hundred miles.



The tomatoes are still coming out of the hot houses, but they are picked ripe, unlike the ones in the grocery stores.




Dollar bunches of baby bok choy.


The asparagus was thinner than a pencil and perfectly fresh.


I didn’t buy peas — too much work!  LOL


I will be getting pickling cucumbers in the next few weeks to make my Mom’s Dill Pickles.   There will definitely be a post on that — they are the best.


So many beautiful veggies!  I’ll be going back on a regular basis.

And I haven’t even started on the fruits……




All photographs are my own.  Please be kind — ask permission before using them.

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