Vegetable Garden Rescue


When I last posted about the veggie garden, it was looking rather pitiful.  I gave everything a sprinkle of fertilizer and hoped for the best.


It hasn’t gotten any better.  The peas died and nothing else had gotten any bigger.  I decided that there was nothing to do but try to rescue the plants that I could.


Poor pitiful plants!  When I bought these they came in fiber pots that were supposed to degrade quickly in the ground.  I pulled up the tomatoes and found that they hadn’t degraded much if at all.


I think we all know why these plants are languishing.  Next step — pull out all of the potted transplants and remove the “degradable” pots.

I didn’t get a good picture, but all of the plants were seriously pot bound.  What a surprise……

I haven’t been completely happy with the soil that I used to fill the bed so I get some that has a much finer texture to mix in.


I spread it everywhere but over the beans (the only thing that is growing) and mixed it in.  As I was doing this I realized that I should have started earlier in the day — it was already over 80 when I started at 11 AM.


I replanted the seeds for the beets and chard and added in more green beans where the peas had been.  Where the lettuce has been I sprinkled on some thyme and parsley seeds.  Next I put the plants back in and I’m hoping for the best!






All photographs are my own.  Please be kind — ask permission before using them.

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