Shipping Cookies for a Cookie Exchange

I recently participated in an online cookie exchange arranged by Ann Marie over on Crunchy, Crafty and Highly Caffeinated.  After I got the cookies baked and decorated I had to figure out how to ship the little guys.  Here’s what I came up with:


I started with decorated gingerbread cookies.


Next I measured out some pieces of waxed paper.  I made them big enough that the cookie would easily fit inside with enough extra length that I could fold the ends over to close the cookie inside.  Next I went to my sewing machine and ran a quick line of stitching down the edges to create a bunch of little bags.  I happened to have black thread in the machine.  I considered changing to red or green but decided that might be just a little too much.  Also, leaving the thread black was a lazier easier.

Cookie bags

From here it’s just simple assembly — insert cookie and fold the end over.Cookie bag

Place bagged cookie in cookie tin.

cookie bag

I found this little tin at the Dollar Tree.  A dozen cookies just fit in perfectly!

Cookie tin

Filled and ready to ship!  I sure hope that the person who receives these likes gingerbread!

These little bags would also be good for putting cookies out for parties or as part of box lunches for and event.  You could even change the thread color.  Maybe I’ll see if this works using the serger.  Hmmm……




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  1. Anne Marie says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thank you so much for participating in #sharingcookies14!!! This has been so fun 🙂

    1. Thank you for planning #sharingcookies14!

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