Long time, No blog……

I really haven’t forgotten about this blog.  You see, it’s just that I have been taking a long hard look at what and how I eat and I’m just now feeling confident about sharing it with you.  One thing that I take very seriously is being informed about a subject before I blog about it.  Not that I feel I need to be an expert, but I want to feel that I have a good grasp of the facts and research.  It’s what I do before I make any changes to my own diet and I believe that I owe that sort of attention to detail to you as well.

Bone Broth

So, you might ask, what changes have I made?  It all started back in February when I attended a lecture on nutrition by a prominent researcher at the university where I am employed.  She presented a review of the literature that paints a more accurate picture of the data regarding fats and diet than has been previously reported.   The short version of her story was that the main culprit in metabolic syndrome and heart disease isn’t fat, it’s carbohydrate.  After reading several texts, review articles and some of the original research papers myself, I came to the same conclusion.  Then I had to decide what I was going to do with all that information.  Believe me when I say that the reading was easy compared to deciding what to eat!

Here’s what I’ve tried:

1) Eating as close to zero carbs as possible — that was really hard for me because, while I like fat and protein foods, I really like eating plants and plants have carbs.  If you are interested in trying this there are plenty of blogs out there that you can read. To be totally honest, I made it 6 days on this one…..

2) Limiting myself to no more than 20 “net carbs” per day — a bit easier because most of the carbs in veggies are fiber and this method allows for subtracting fiber from the total carbs to get net carbs.  Even with my formidable mat skills this became a pain the in neck.  Also, fruit was still out of the question.  I found that I was doing things that I really wasn’t that comfortable with, like finding ways to make low carb versions of high carb foods, many of which involved things like xanthan gum and carbalose flour.  I made low carb donut holes and dipped them in sugar-free “maple” syrup.  For me, there just seemed to be something wrong about that.  Once again, there are lots of blogs on this subject, so there must be people for whom this style of eating works.  Just to prove how stubborn I am, I actually kept this up for almost 2 months.

3) Following a reduced carb “Primal” eating style — and we have a winner!  At least for me it is.  I have plenty of meat, non-starchy veggies and fruit, a moderate amount of fats, full-fat dairy and root veggies, and very few grains.  One word of advise — if you don’t like to cook, this way of eating is probably not for you.  The hard thing for me has been giving the grains a rest, but I do admit that I am starting to not notice that they’re gone.  If I need to sweeten something I use a bit of honey.  Yes, I know that honey is concentrated sugar, but at least it is in a for that is naturally produced like the sugar in fruit.  I also very rarely sweeten anything.   I’m losing weight very slowly which is good.  I sleep really well and I feel that I’ve got a bit more energy, but I might just be kidding myself about that last point.  The best part is that I’m not feeling deprived like I was during trial 1 and trial 2.  I’m also not hungry as much was I was when I was eating a primarily grain-based diet with very little fat.  That fat keeps you full thing is true!!  I’ll bet you can guess what direction this blog will be heading……

Now the challenge for me is to make and photograph some of the yummy food I’ve been eating these past few months so that I can blog about it!  During the summer, supper has often been a piece of meat grilled outside with a big salad and fruit for desert.  It’s really very yummy but makes for a boring blog post!  I’m experimenting with a few other things that I hope to share with you soon.

My Bouquet

I’ve also been busy with things other than food.  In August, Bill and I went on vacation — I have some spectacular photographs that I still need to edit.  While we were away we also got married!  We had told a few people of our plans but it was a surprise for most of our friends and family.  Of course, we had to have a big party when we got back.  It was great fun — I’ll share the awesome primal menu that we served. (Nobody noticed that it was primal; they did notice it was tasty!)

So….. this has been a rather long-winded post.  I’ll leave it here with a promise to be back soon with photos and recipes and a peek at some of the other things that I have going on.


Thanks for hanging in there!



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