Off the Blogging Wagon

It seems that I’ve fallen off the wagon. Actually, I’ve fallen off a whole lot of wagons:
The Blogging Wagon
The Eating for Health Wagon
The Photography Wagon
The Making New Recipes Wagon (and the related Tweaking Old Recipes Wagon)
The Getting Some Exercise Wagon
The Trying New Crafts Wagon


What with all that falling, you’d think that I’d be pretty badly bruised. I’m not. And I suppose that I could come up with a long list of “reasons” but that just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. So I won’t.

Well, things need to change and I’m going to try to get back on those wagons (and a few more that I’m sure I forgot to list!)  There have been times lately when I realized, usually after the fact, that I should have taken pictures and been blogging about things.


We’ve (Bill and I) have found several new wineries that we love.  Did I take any pictures?  Nope.  But I’ll work on making sure I take pictures next time we go so that I can share them with you.  Because there’s no excuse when I’ve always got my phone with me. And I really like blogging about our winery experiences.

Also, I’ve taken up weaving.  There’s no excuse for not taking pictures of the things I’ve made other than I just haven’t done it.  It isn’t that they are all ugly — I’m actually quite proud of how things are turning out.  I’ve got dishtowels on the loom right now.  And I’ll try to remember to take pictures (and blog them!) before I use them to dry the glassware.

And I’m making a batch of brie!  Yes, the cheese.  From scratch.  And, of course, I didn’t take any pictures of the beginning of the process, but I’ll get pictures soon.  Before we eat them.


So, dear readers, please be patient with me.  I’m hoping to get back on all of my wagons. Probably slowly.  And probably one at a time.


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