Groundhog Day, again…

It’s Groundhog Day! In celebration of things coming around again, here’s some of my favorite  unprocessed and minimally-processed posts.

Yummy curried veggiesCurry Roasted Vegetables — This is great for this time of the year when cauliflower and root veggies are plentiful at the Farmer’s Market.  I just might be making this for dinner tonight.  Or at least something similar.

Creamy bacon cauliflower soupCreamy Bacon and Cauliflower Soup — Bacon… Onions… Cream… Those tings would make a shoe taste good!  I used cauliflower, potatoes, and broth because I prefer to wear my shoes rather than eat them!

Not-so-basic ZoodlesZoodles!  I know that zucchini is out of season around here, but sometimes I just crave these thin, noodley, strips of vegetable goodness.  If noodley isn’t a real word then it should be!

Slow-cooked whole grain cerealCrock-pot Whole Grain Breakfast — I’m getting my crock-pot out tonight so I’ll have a hot breakfast in the morning. I’m not a fan of cold food for breakfast during the winter.  Give me something warm and not too sweet and I’m a happy girl!  By the way, this stuff is the bomb with some butter and a little dried fruit stirred in; no additional sugar is needed.

I’ll be back with something new next week!


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