I want a farm

Really, it’s true.  I want a farm.  With a big vegetable garden and fruit trees and chickens and maybe even a milk cow.

Jersey Cow
Mmmmm…milk    photo credit: JuneMitaPhotography Jersey Cow Portrait – Fish Farms, Bolton, CT. via photopin (license)

A real farm.

There should be pigs, too.   And maybe a goat.  Goats are good at eating weeds.

Weed-eating machine!   photo credit: Mark Dumont 234A3392.jpg via photopin (license)

And if there’s a pond, then there will have to be ducks and geese. Geese are good watch animals.  Nobody messes with geese.

He’s coming for you!   photo credit: binaryCoco Flieg, Wasserspritzer! via photopin (license)

So, that’s my dream. What am I doing about it? Believe it or not, I’ve found myself a realtor and I’m going for it. Well, more accurately, Bill and I are going for it.  I’m really fortunate that his dream is the same as  mine.  We’re going to buy a property and make a farm for ourselves.  A family farm, like the kind that used to be the norm.

Family Farn
The Old Family Farm   photo credit: simpleinsomnia Family standing in front of their house via photopin (license)

We might be crazy.  (Actually, there are days when I’m quite sure we are crazy, but for other reasons.) When I talk to some people about our plans I sometimes get that look.  You know the one — the one that says that they’re pretty sure you’ve gone over the edge.  Get out the white coat with the extra-long sleeves that tie in the back and get that girl some help.

NOT YET…          photo credit: sharpals posey zwangsjacke via photopin (license)

Despite that, we keep asking ourselves why not?   Why not go ahead and retire from our current life and try something else while we’re still young enough to make a go of it?   We can’t find a reason not to and so we’re doing it.

Every farm needs a barn…   photo credit: Rh+ One Window Barn via photopin (license)

We’re buying a farm.  I’m hoping we find one with a nice barn.  

Because, actually I really do need a milk cow.


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