Be careful what you wish for…


My mother used to warn me when I was a child that I should be careful what I wished for because it might not turn out the way I wanted. I’ve recently had one of those moments. When we bought the farmhouse we specifically requested that the sellers leave the 6-burner commercial range in the kitchen.  I love to cook and I was thrilled that I might be getting a great stove to cook on.

Be careful what you wish for…

Things that I didn’t think about:

  1. Commercial ranges don’t have well insulated ovens because they are usually banked together and under a huge extraction hood.  This means that when I baked anything the temperature in the entire kitchen went up 25 degrees.  When we moved in in March it wasn’t a problem.  Now that it’s summer it’s a huge problem.
  2. Commercial ranges don’t use electronic ignition for the burners or the oven.  What do they have?  Pilot lights.  Big, constantly burning pilot lights.  The range is never really off.  The surface temperature on a nice day averaged 95 degrees.  Once again, it raised the temperature of the kitchen to an uncomfortable temperature.
  3. Commercial ranges are built to be used with natural gas.  We are out in the country so we have propane.  This shouldn’t be a problem as the stove can be converted to use propane.  The folks that we bought the farm from did most of the conversion, but not all of it.  The end result is that the burners can’t be turned down below medium heat.  So much for a gentle simmer.
  4. Commercial ranges have really big burners.  Combine that with the inability to use a low flame and it means that everything has to be cooked in a large pan.  This doesn’t work when you want to cook just a little bit of something.  I got a flame-tamer which helped, but wasn’t great.
  5. Commercial ranges are big.  Not just wide, but deep and tall.  It looked like it was taking over the whole kitchen.  A big, black, behemoth.
  6. Because the pilot lights on the burners and the oven are always on, the commercial range uses a lot of gas.  A LOT OF GAS.  Like close to $200 worth in 3 months.  This was the final straw.

Be careful what you wish for…

Having come to my senses, I realized that the commercial range that I had wanted so much was just not the right thing for my situation.  A new range was going to be expensive, but would pay for itself in a year or so just from savings on the gas bill.  So here it is!

Still 36 inches wide but with 5 burners instead of 6.  Electronic ignition.  Convection in the oven that can be on or off at the turn of a switch.  A triple ring high output burner with a detachable wok ring.  A small simmer burner that will actually simmer.  No oppressive heat.  There’s a piece that goes on the back that is still on order and we also invested in a range hood that has yet to be installed.  Even so, I’m loving it!

Be careful what you wish for…



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