Adventures with animals

We have animals.  I suppose that you could have a farm without animals, but why would you?  We knew when we decided that the farm life was our goal that we wanted to have animals be a part of that.  We were fortunate to find a property that had barns and fenced pastures ready and waiting.  Well, almost ready.  We’ve had some updating and modifications that needed to be made.  This fencing post is a good example of one such modification.

I set out to write a post that would introduce all of the different animals that currently call our farm home, but it was going to be way too long.  Instead, I’ve decided to publish a series of posts that each highlight one group of farm residents.  Here’s who you can expect to meet:


Chicken in pig yard





A man and his donkeys

I’m hoping for an animal post each week starting next week (7/9/18).

First up will be the chickens!


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