Mini Post: A New Look for an Old House

This house desperately needs a make-over!

Our old farmhouse was looking a bit ragged when we bought it. It hadn’t been painted for several years and the folks that painted it didn’t prepare the surface correctly so the paint was coming off is big chunks. Just look at the siding near the corners! After looking into our options, we decided to give the old house a completely new look with new siding. We’ll never have to paint!

The unpainted bricks and a whole lot of snow.

We also had the windows, soffits, and fascia wrapped and all new gutters installed. The previous owners had painted the brick addition to the house — but just the sides. We are planning to paint the entire addition to match the siding on the main part of the house. Even as it is, it looks so much better!

I think she looks so much better!

Once spring comes we can finish the outside work. For now, we have a lot of rooms that need painting inside the house.


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