Are we having fun yet?

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. Considering how everything seems to have flown by me lately, I must be having much more fun than I realized! I often find myself being swept away by the busy checking off of my daily to do list; today I’m looking out my window at the green of Summer that is fading into Autumn’s golds and browns and realizing that I need to take a moment to slow down and check in with you.

The view from my office window.

The Fall garden is in the process of being planted.  There has been so little rain that the ground has been hard as a rock.  We got half an inch last night and they say that more is on the way so I am hopeful that the tiller will actually be able to get the dirt broken up enough to plant.  I’m putting up a high tunnel this year and I need to get that done soon so that I can get more tender crops planted.  We’re hoping to have fresh greens and roots for most of the Winter.  I used a low tunnel last year and it was mildly successful but difficult to work in.   Hopes are that the high tunnel will be easier — it’s tall enough to walk in!

I’ve already got the first batch of broiler chickens in the freezer and a second batch should be ready to process in a few weeks.  I changed to a locally produced, non-GMO feed for them this year.  So far, the change has been an improvement over what I fed last year.  The cost is much less and they are eating less and gaining weight faster — a double win in my book!  We still have a few in the freezer from last year and this year’s are so much better that I’m having a time getting myself to use them up.  Even if they aren’t as good as this year’s they are so much better than anything that comes from the store,

We have had lots babies this year.  One of our layers, Henrietta, hatched 4 chicks that are growing up rapidly.  She ended up with 2 Buckeye pullets and 2 Salmon Faverolle cockerels.  I’ll be finding homes for the 2 boys as I don’t keep roosters.

GOS piglets
Fanny and some of her piglets

Fanny the pig had 13 babies!  That’s a huge litter, especially for a first time sow.  She is a fantastic mother and the piglets are growing fast.  We’re keeping 1 of the girls for breeding.  Of the the remainder, 3 will be going to Shona and Matt’s property (soon, I hope!), 2 will be kept and fattened for pork, 6 have been sold as feeders, and 1 is still for sale.  I’m starting to look for a new boyfriend for Fanny so we can start the process again.

Cow and Calf
Missy and her calf

We’ve had 2 calves born that were sired by our bull, Lucky.  Both are bull calves and we will be selling one and raising the other for beef.  The calf that we bought last year is growing nicely and we should be sending him off next Spring.

George 7 wks
George just after we found him — approximately 7 weeks old

Back in June we delivered a heifer that was born here last spring and found an abandoned  puppy.  George is some sort of hound — he’s looking more and more like he’s probably a foxhound, but only time will tell just how big he’s going to be!

George 4.5m
George at 4.5 months

I’m still working on the interior of the house.  Some day I’ll get it done.  Some day…

That’s a bit of the “fun” I’ve been having lately.  Time to get back to work.


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