Spring in Northern California, Part 1

Spring is in full force around here!  (My sincerest sympathies for those of you still stuck in the snow.)  I know that it is officially a few days a way, but the hills here apparently haven’t looked at the calendar.

Berryessa Spring 1

While we desperately need rain, we’ve had mostly sunny days and the wildflowers are blooming.  Recently I had an afternoon free to go out and take a few photos.  OK, it was actually a few hundred but I won’t dump them all on you at once!

Berryessa Spring 2

The hills west of my home are a patchwork of purple, green and gold.  There are bees and butterflies going from flower to flower to flower.

Berryessa Spring 3

It’s lupines upon lupines!  They don’t bloom for very long so I felt lucky that I got to these when they were at their peak.  Their blue and purple blossoms are so cheery.

Berryessa Spring 4

Some of the purple patches are a type of wild garlic.  I really should look up just what they are.  I’ll try to do that before I post more pictures.

Berryessa Spring 5

Wow….  The purple is punctuated by patches of orange California poppies and yellow mustard.  The roll of rusted fencing was a nice change of color.

Berryessa Spring 6

Bright yellow oxalis are a sharp contrast to the blue-purple of the lupines.  Soon enough these hills will turn gold instead of green.  They’ll be lovely in a different way then.  Until then, I’ll revel in these beautiful colors.


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