Long time, No blog……

I really haven’t forgotten about this blog.  You see, it’s just that I have been taking a long hard look at what and how I eat and I’m just now feeling confident about sharing it with you.  One thing that I take very seriously is being informed about a subject before I blog about it….

Spring in Northern California, Part 1

Spring is in full force around here!  (My sincerest sympathies for those of you still stuck in the snow.)  I know that it is officially a few days a way, but the hills here apparently haven’t looked at the calendar. While we desperately need rain, we’ve had mostly sunny days and the wildflowers are blooming….

Napa Valley at the end of Winter

Winter in the Napa Valley is ending a bit early this year.  The weather in Northern California has been warm and dry — while we are enjoying that we really need some more rain! The mustard is blooming early this year.   Trimming of the vines has started.  How the vines are pruned depends of…


One side effect of all of the rain that we have been having here is that once the rain stops the fog sets in.  The fog magically softens the landscape, hiding the rough spots. After a few hours, the fog starts to burn off letting more details come through. D.

Autumn in Napa

Recently we took a trip to Napa to pick up some wine club shipments.  It’s been a while since we went at this time of year and I’d forgotten just how beautiful it is! A variety of trees turn gold and red, while other stay green year-round. The vines also turn multiple colors, sometimes all within…