Tea Party! Step 2: Cups and Pots and Such.


Last week we started planning our tea party — we discussed setting a date, occasions that we might celebrate and got our invitations together (and maybe even sent out.)  This week we’ve got to get started with the fun stuff!

Tea Party

Tea Cups:  We can’t have a party without something to put our tea in!  I have a collection of china and tea cups to draw from which makes this part easier for me.  If you don’t have tea cups you can still have a tea party, you’ll just need to work a little harder.  Perhaps you have a friend or relative that has cups that you could borrow.  For a large party you might consider renting tea cups.  In a pinch you can use whatever you have in your cabinets!

Tea Party

Teapots:  Unless you are having a large party you should only need 1 teapot.  A basic teapot is a necessity and everyone should have one (at least in my opinion!)  Once again, if you are teapot challenged, you can see if there is one that you can borrow or consider this an opportunity to find one for yourself.  Nice teapots can usually be found at thrift or consignment shops quite inexpensively.

Tea Party

Other Dishware:  Most tea parties involve food in addition to tea so you’ll need some small plates.  Don’t have enough plates in the cabinet?  Here’s where paper plates just might be your best friend.  There are plenty of beautiful paper plates available inexpensively.  Another place where paper is great is napkins.  I almost always use pretty paper napkins that I find at the grocery store.

Serving plates and bowls can be anything that you have in your cabinets.  Mine don’t match.  I really like the look that mixed serving pieces give to the tea table.  I often use a combination of glass, china, silver and even baskets.

A great way to get plates, serving pieces and napkins on a tight budget is at your local Dollar Tree.  That’s right — for  around 10 dollars you can get everything other than tea cups and a teapot.

Tea Party

One final detail is flowers.  Flowers really add a finishing touch to the tea table.  The ones in the picture above were a few dollars at my local grocery store.  The bowl is from the Dollar Tree.  The whole arrangement cost me less than $5!

So now we’ve covered the basics of planning and a bit about the necessary hardware.  If you missed last week’s post it’s here.  Next week we start the fun stuff — Food!





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